What's Special about Wiles Custom Rods?

Wiles Custom Rods offers a number of features and design choices not found in an off the shelf rod. These include spiral guide wraps, locking guide wrap, MicroWave guides, very small micro guides, custom wood and carbon fiberglass composite custom handles.  Ten reasons to buy a Wiles Custom Rod:

  1. Make it lighter!  A lighter rod will dampen quicker, transmit vibrations better, cast farther and reduce fatigue of the angler. High Modulus graphite rod blanks are used to provide a very light weight starting point for Wiles Custom Rods. The choice of components, assembly techniques, guide style and placement are all considered in the design of your custom rod.
  2. Spiral wrap - In a Spiral Wrap Rod the guides are wrapped around the rod to the bottom side as shown in the photo on the right. The Spiral Wrapped Rod has the following advantages:
    • Casting distance is increased because the line does not touch the rod blank.
    • Sensitivity is greatly increased because the line lays on the eyelets which translates to an initial bite feel sooner.
    • The line never touches the rod blank during or after the hook set. 
  3. Locking wraps - This type of wrap the thread is wrapped around the shank of the guide 3 times and then a couple of times behind the guide. This locks the guide in place. A machine wrapped rod that you buy at the store will not have this type of locking wrap because the machine can not perform this function and you will find that sometimes the machine wrapped guides pull out. The locking wrapped guides never come out. See locking wrap photo.
  4. Micro guides are recommended and used on almost all of the Wiles Custom Rods. These guides are very small and light. They add almost no weight to the tip of the rod making it more sensitive. You will feel every bite and nibble. The also make it easier to balance the rod with your preferred reel. See the Micro Guide Photo on the right.
  5. MicroWave Spinning guides - The MicroWare Guide System designed by Doug Hannon, also known as "The Bass Professor" has designed the perfect line control system for spinning rods. See the MicroWave Guide picture on the lower right. The first guide contains and extra smaller guide in the middle of the larger guide. This design controls the coils of line as they come off the spinning reel and reduces the line vibration. You can feel the difference when you make a cast. The MicroWare Guides have the following advantages:
    • Increased Casting Distance - captures and directs energy into forward motion maintaining the line speed.
    • Reduction in Fatigue - Less force is required for casting due to quick rod blank recovery.
    • Increased Casting Accuracy - Using Less force when applying forward energy allows precision targeting during casting.
  6. Custom Handles - Wiles Custom Rods offers a variety of handle types and styles made from different materials including including: turned wooden handles, a very lite custom carbon fiberglass composite, and a Texalium Tube. Other types of handles are available on request. See the School Bus Carbon/Fiberglass Composite Custom handle photo on the lower right. Each handle is sized to fit you hand depending on your size just like a glove. More handle examples can be found in the Rod Gallery under Handle Examples 
  7. Customized to fit your fishing style: Rods are selected and balanced to fit your fishing style. We build various actions and types of bass rods including worm rods, crank bait rods and spinner bait rods. We also build drop shot and shaky head spinning rods, jig and big plastic casting rods. We have a very light well balanced worm rod that everyone seem to like a lot. Check out the Rod Gallery
  8. Want to tryout out one of my Wiles Custom Rods? Send me a message from the "Connect" page and we will see about a fishing trip to a local Austin area lake.
  9. 100% Customer Satisfaction: Each rod is hand crafted with the up most attention to details to meet the customers requirements. I have a two page check list to review each part of the rod design to make sure it meets your expectation. We customize your rod with your name and favorite colors. We can also do school colors or your favorite sports team colors. Check out our patriotic colors too. You select the real seat, guides, and type of handle, etc
  10. Wiles Custom Rods builds a variety of bait casting and spinning rods to fit your fishing style. .

Email us on the CONNECT page for more details: We are also on facebook:


Photos of Wiles Custom Rods

Spiral wrapped guides, notice how the guides wrap around the rod to the bottom using micro guides reduces the weight and the number of guides.

Locking Wrap 

Micro Guide

MicroWave Guide

School Bus Carbon/Fiberglass Composite Custom handle

Mesquite Wood split grip handle with purple hologram wrap